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Recent Japanese Skincare Routine : 7 Step Nighttime Skincare Routine

Updated: Feb 29

Self-care comes with taking care of our skin and establishing the right skincare routine for our skin. The skin is exposed to the sun and environmental pollutants all of the time so it is important to keep and maintain a healthy skincare routine in order to help prevent acne, treat wrinkles, and help keep your skin looking its best.

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My Recent Nighttime Japanese Skincare Routine

( Skincare Products Below + Skincare Routine ) including one Korean cleansing water + for the oil cleansing I some times just use natural pure coconut 🥥 Oil or I will use , depending on my skin's condition that day.

The green clay mask I use is very organic and green and very healthy for our skin

Here are the Skincare products and my skincare routine steps that I use in my latest nighttime Japanese skincare routine :

1. Mitea Organic Cleansing Serum Oil OR Organic Pure Coconut Oil.

Mitea Organic is a Japanese skincare brand that won Best Cosmetic Award in 2022. It contains 20 types of botanical extracts, including organic beech extract, and the power of plant-based long-acting vitamin C, leading you to a more healthy, beautiful and translucent skin. I use this first as my oil cleanser before I use the foam cleanser and then I follow up with some micellar cleansing water. Some times if I feel I still have some leftover diet or makeup after foam cleansing, I will use this again and then follow up again with a micellar cleansing water.

Organic virgin coconut oil is pure and simple because you automatically know what is going on your skin so I some times use this as my oil cleanser for my skincare routine

2. JMsolution Japan Centella Care Cleansing Water Rescue

This stuff is just amazing and it gets rid of any leftover impurities and makeup while toning your skin. It contains Centella with zuboca extract which tends to improves collagen and decreases inflammation and it also contains Hyaluronic acid which moisturizes and removes makeup and dirt. Centella care ingredients regulate and moisturize your skin. It is a one-step cleansing that does not require a 2-step face wash. It is rather easy and simple to use with its one-push container with cotton. Japan exclusive.

Available on Amazon Japan :

3. Senka Perfect Whip Facial Foam Cleanser

This cleanser is one of my everyday go-to facial cleanser that falls under the mild cleanser category that has a very soft, dense touch to it. With this foam cleanser, a little goes a long way, which even a small amount is sufficient enough to thoroughly cleanse. After cleansing with this product I do follow up with some miceller cleansing water which tends to remove any excess dirt.

It contains ingredients such as natural silk essence and hyaluronic acid, however this product also contains some amount of alcohol.

Available on Amazon :

Available on Amazon Japan :

4. Series : Deep Moisture | Permeative Treatment Liquid from W/M

This stuff is good and moisturizing, however it is a bit too watery when you first apply it.

5. Edo Beauty Lab GREEN RADIANCE CLAY MASK ( 2- 3 times a week )

Edo Beauty Lab :

For my weekly clay mask, I usually use Edo Beauty Lab GREEN RADIANCE CLAY MASK and one of the reasons I use it is because regular exfoliation smoothens the surface of your skin which will gently remove dead skin cells, clean and tighten pores, resulting in more flawless, healthier skin.

Edo Beauty Lab is all about clean, green, and simple skincare made in Edogawa City, Japan featuring native superfood, Komatsu ( Japanese Mustard Greens )

This clay mask comes in a powder form to be mixed with some water and then you directly apply it to your face. It feels very earthy and it's basically pure green beauty for your skin.

It contains vitamins A, C, and E, as well as antioxidants.

6. KANEBO Skin Gloss Oil Water Serum

I found that this oil water serum really hydrates my skin, giving my skin a more moist luster look.

The oil in it will soften the skin and the water provides fresh moisture which are both mixed together leading to moist, glowing skin. This product can also be used for body massage or as an oil for hair. This product is perfect for the dry winter air conditioning season .

7. DeLuxe Night Cream

This is my go-to daily night cream which moisturizes evenly as it's not too light or too heavy. I usually apply it after my night time skincare routine in the evening. It keeps my skin hydrated but not oily so I will continue to use it. I always like to change my skincare products so I am always looking for something nurturing, healthy, and without harsh chemicals for my skincare routine so I do plan to try other night creams next time.



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