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Face Rolling : What is a Crystal Face Roller ?

Updated: Mar 7

Face Rolling : What Is A Crystal Face Roller, How To Use It, and its Benefits 

Face rolling originates from ancient China, perhaps during the Qing Dynasty. The jade roller is said to have been the first roller and was used by the elite and upper-class women to take care of their skin and beauty. The jade roller has been used in Chinese beauty rituals for centuries.

 Face Rolling : What is a Crystal Face Roller ? ? 

Face rolling is using a face roller which is a facial massage tool that temporarily boosts circulation, reducing puffiness and tightening the skin. This encourages lymphatic drainage by stimulating the lymph nodes to drain fluid from the face. Crystal Face rollers are typically made of stones such as jade, rose quartz, amethyst, as some of the most popular choices. Clear Quartz is a high vibration stone, also known as the “Master Healer”, it has the ability to absorb, release, store and balance energy, remove negative energy and harmonize all chakras.

For best results from face rolling, it is best to first apply a skincare product to your freshly cleansed face before using a face roller. Ideally, the skincare product is a serum, moisturizer, or face oil. For me, I usually use rosehip oil or a nice serum. It is best to cleanse your roller regularly - at least once a week - to avoid built up of bacteria. For me, I usually cleanse my face roller with gentle soap and hot water. 

One of my favorite crystal beauty rollers is the Herbarium Crystal Beauty Roller from EDOBEAUTY LAB. Herbarium is a popular, decorative item in Japan made by absorbing dried flowers in oil. 

The Herbarium Crystal Beauty Roller from EDOBEAUTY LAB is available here :

For serums, moisturizers, and face oils, I have also gathered my most recent Japanese skincare routine, which you can check out here :

Benefits of Using a Face Roller 

  • It will help your skincare products absorb deeper into the skin, because the face roller promotes lymphatic drainage, improving blood circulation. 

  • Using a face roller can improve your mood. Because a face roller is basically a facial massaging tool, it can release tension from your facial muscles. 

  • You should always roll outward from the center of your face. Also keep in mind, to apply enough pressure but not too much pressure. 

How to Use a Face Roller

  1. Before using a face roller, cleanse your face.

  2. Moisturize with your favorite serums and moisturizers to allow better penetration into your skin while using a face roller.

  3. Beginning from the jawline with the larger side of the roller, use your face roller in an upward and outward motion up the cheeks and to the hairline 

  4. For your forehead, start right above the brows and go up to the hairline in a vertical direction.

  5. Roll from under the inner corner of your eye, press and roll  in an outward and an upward direction.

  6. You can repeat this rolling process three to five times a week for maximum results, or as many times you would like.

The Crystal Face Roller I Highly Recommend : Herbarium Crystal Beauty Roller from Edo Beauty Lab

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