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5 Baby Developmental Toys for 6-12 Month Old

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

The infant stage goes by very fast and so do the toys that contribute to their learning and development. Before you know it, your little one has moved on to a new toy that they cherish but the first year's toys are quite memorable, to say the least in that they are the first toys that your little one will experience first in his/her life. Here I've gathered my top 6-12 month old toys for infants that are educational, fun and of course, affordable.

1. SOFT BUILDING BLOCKS : TAOTAO Building Blocks, Pastel Cubes, Babies, Baby Toys, Baby Shower, Educational Toy, Bath (12 Pieces) : These soft baby blocks are BPA Free, safe, non-toxic and made by food grade silicone. These baby building blocks are soft, durable and easy to be picked up and stacked together by your baby's hands, encouraging fine motor skills. Also they are soft and chewable and excellent for the baby who are around 6 months and up, while developing their sense of touch and early childhood development.

What I ordered on Amazon Japan: TAOTAO Building Blocks, Pastel Cubes, Babies, Baby Toys, Baby Shower, Educational Toy, Bath (12 Pieces) These soft blocks are also BPA free and made of PVC (material approved by the Food Sanitation Act). Also they are pastel cubes and are made of the same material used for bath and pool toys. My baby also uses some of them in the bath for bath time and he loves chewing on them and playing with them! I think they're really good for teething so I highly recommend these soft building blocks for teething!

You can find this toy on Amazon Japan here :

As for the Amazon USA, you can find similar ones here:

( Mini Tudou Baby Blocks Soft Building Blocks Baby Toys Teether's Toy Educational Squeeze Play with Numbers Animals Shapes Textures 6 Months and Up ) :

“Play is the beginning of knowledge.” -George Dorsey

2. Fisher Price Bilingual Learning Box

This toy really is such a useful, learning and developmental toy for your little one to learn Japanese and English! It's a bilingual toy in Japanese and English and it has different shapes on the side that helps your baby/toddler figure out and sort out which shape goes in which one. and it will come out the other side. My baby always was so thrilled to watch the shapes come out and he realized and learned that there is a cause and an effect. This toy has music, bilingual colors and numbers and sensory play. Basically, as the shapes go into the box, the shapes will exit through the hippo's mouth and your baby can take the blocks out and Learn where they come from and what happens through cause and effect!

This toy I also ordered from Amazon Japan in the summer of 2020 and I got it from here :

3. Rice Teether Toy from Akachan Honpo :

This toy is made from rice and the main ingredients are mostly rice, PP, cotton, rayon (blended with rice bran fiber) and elastomer. We bought it directly from Akachan Honpo and it helped our baby with the teething process but also other teethers too helped as well. But I definitely recommend this teether!

Available Also On Amazon Japan :

4. Projector Light by SYOSIN

My little one just loves this item! It's not exactly a toy but it has amazing artistic and aesthetic designs that provides a sensory stimulating opportunity for babies. When babies are provided with sensory stimulation, their neural connections are quickly developing because neurons in young children develop up to a thousand new connections per second.

This projector light comes with a random selection of 6 different video film including the sea, rose, starry sky, birthday celebration, universe, carousel horse, or sea animal, dinosaur, Santa Claus, birthday celebration, space plane, carousel horse. If you do not use the film then it can become your bedside soft light. It also comes with an instrumental music on the bottom of the projector. For charging, the battery is built into the product, so you can easily just connect it to a computer or a mobile power source because the projector comes with an included USB cable. The charging time ranges from two to three hours.

Link to Projector Light by SYOSIN on Amazon Japan :

5. GILOBABY Multi-functional Baby Toy:

This educational toy is perfect for your little one's hearing development, color and animal recognition and shape recognition, stimulating your baby's curiosity. It's great for learning shape recognition because your baby/toddler has to match the colorful blocks with the corresponding shapes to identify the basic shape. The structure of the storage box helps children to develop a good habit of storing toys. You can also be reassured that it's safe to use because it is made of safe and non-toxic ABS material.

If you're interesting in this educational toy, you can find it here:

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