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Hidden Gem Local Breakfast & Brunch Spot + Historical Museum in Redondo Beach, California

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Redondo Beach is known for its wide open beach area, a fishing pier, and it's seafront

Situated on the coastal edge of Los Angeles County, Redondo is only about twenty miles from downtown Los Angeles and seven miles south of Los Angeles International Airport. Redondo Beach tends to have wider streets, less traffic and fewer tourists than surrounding beach cities.

Redondo Beach is where the original Baywatch TV series was established.

The city’s most popular shopping areas are South Bay Galleria or Riviera Village.

Located in a small plaza next to Vons, parking is plentiful for this hidden gem local cafe in Redondo called Redondough, which the name could not have been more suitable for its location. Redondough is a hidden gem in Redondo Beach because they are well-known for their croissant breakfast sandwiches. True to its name, this place truly specializes in dough in Redondo Beach. I think the interior is not so cozy but they specialize in other ways such as their breakfast and brunch foods and pastries.

Their cupcakes are small and cute and just the right portion for something sweet.

Heritage Court / Redondo Beach Historical Museum

Redondo Beach has a historical landmark for Southern California. In the late 1980s the City of Redondo Beach created Heritage Court within Dominguez Park. While I was in Redondo Beach, I took a stroll through a Victorian style courtyard with a rose garden, fountain, arbor and two historical Redondo Beach houses. The Museum is located in the 1904 Queen Anne House. At this museum you will find Redondo Beach artifacts, memorabilia, photographs, school annuals and various other historical records. The Museum Gift Shop offers the Postcard History Series book for $20.00.

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