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Long Beach, California Seaside Travel Guide + Beach Guide : Belmont Shores & Naples Island

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Warm sand, soothing waves, comfortable coastal California weather, and glistening ocean is, without a doubt, home to stunning, beautiful beaches that stretch along the Pacific Ocean Coastline While some of these beaches are well-known, popular tourist spots, and crowded, at times, there are hidden beach gems that are well worth a visit that are just as stunning or even more stunning than those popular crowded beaches.

Here I have gathered 5 hidden beach gems you can find in Long Beach, California to check out plus I have gathered food spots and restaurant recommendations to try in Long Beach seaside area of Belmont Shores down below.

1. Naples Island

Located between Belmont Shores and the Long Beach Marina is Naples Island, which is one of Long Beach's most beautiful coastal neighborhood's to check out. Naples Island consists of three islands along Alamitos Bay. Naples Island is also known as California's Little Italy on the Bay, due to there being Naples Canal which resembles Little Italy, respectfully.

There are many attractions within Naples Island itself, and one of the attractions that I love to go to as a mom of a toddler is Mothers Beach at the Marine park, because this spot has a beautiful calm beach with no waves so it makes for a safe area for children to play. Also, there is a picnic area and play area.

For shopping, I go to the newly built (October 2019) , newest shopping centre and lifestyle area, which is 2nd and PCH lifestyle and shopping centre. 2nd and PCH lifestyle and shopping centre represents a SoCal lifestyle, giving you a coastal, Los Angeles experience with a beautiful nautical view. I would say 2nd and PCH shopping district is casual yet elegant and nautical. With the Marina and Alamitos Bay nearby, Boating, Kayaking, Swimming, Paddle- Boarding can all be easily accessed from this location. I really love this place because it has a Whole Foods in the centre of 2nd and PCH shopping centre.

This shopping centre does not have all of the standard fashion clothing stores but they definitely have a variety of stores for everyone.

Naples Island, along with Belmont

Shores has some of the most beautiful waterfront scenery in Southern California during the Christmas season. PCH on Naples Island has a very relaxing, comfortable atmosphere, where there is plenty of comfortable resting areas within the vicinity. For ice cream, I recommend Ample Hills Creamery, as it is a delicious ice cream stop.

2. Belmont Shores Beach

Belmont Shores is a lovely Southern California coastal seaside community situated near Naples Island, which is next to Alamitos Bay. Belmont Shores is basically a seaside neighbourhood/community along ocean avenue in Long Beach. It has an eclectic promenade on 2nd street which is known for its nice local boutiques, local restaurants, with a lovely coastal vibe to it. When you take a stroll down 2nd Street, enjoy all the shops and restaurants. Here you can find everything ranging from a bicycle shop and fitness center to top rated restaurants and boutiques. This area is family friendly and a great way to spend a sunny Southern California day.

2nd Street in Belmont Shores is a lovely promenade with the beach being within walking distance top, about a 10 minute walk or less, depending on how far down you are along 2nd Street.

Recommended Local Restaurants & Cafe's I tried on 2nd Street in Belmont Shores :

Taco Shore

2. Sanchos Tacos

3. Open Sesame

Open Sesame has a romantic atmosphere with delicious food with the best mediterranean/ middle Eastern food in Long Beach, as well as a local favourite. I got the kabsa, which is a traditional Arabic mixed rice dish, and also considered the national dish of Saudi Arabia and also all the countries of the Arabian Peninsula (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Yemen). This dish is full of flavour and a great variety of nutrients that will keep you satisfied. I love this dish, as I often crave it from time to time.

4.Rakkan Ramen

Rakkan Ramen ( 100% plant-based broth ) is a Japanese ramen restaurant that also offers other Japanese food as well. I tried a variety on this menu because I went here more than a few times ! I tried the ramen, takoyaki, gyoza, and spicy tuna rice bowl. As for the ramen, it is absolutely a must try and very delicious, as well as authentic. When it came to the gyoza, I noticed they only had fried gyoza and they had a topping that I have never seen in Japan when you make and buy gyoza. The gyoza, it is delicious, however, I do not think it is very authentic to traditional Japanese gyoza so if you do not mind a twist on the traditional Japanese gyoza, give this one a try.

The takoyaki balls were smaller than the average ones I have eaten in Japan , but pretty authentic from what I have tasted in Japan. I would say this one is also a must try.

Finally, the spicy tuna rice bowl was my second favourite, after the ramen. This was quite flavourful and satisfying in one main dish.

Rakkan Ramen is about a five minute walk from Belmont Shores beach. The beach being so near makes this ramen restaurant a nice convenient spot to get some lunch or dinner.

5. Chuck's Coffee Shop ( Excellent local breakfast, brunch and lunch )

Chucks Coffee Shop is a must try local breakfast and lunch spot, located right near the ocean where you can see a beautiful beach view. The location is amazing, with outstanding views.

However, this place only accepts cash only so keep that in mind when going to Chucks Coffee Shop in Long Beach. If you are in Belmont Shores in Long Beach, California, you must have breakfast at Chuck’s.

6. Roe Seafood

If you are looking for a dog friendly restaurant spot, this is the restaurant to check out! Roe Seafood is a good seafood restaurant very near to the beach. Although, I do recommend also checking out this place during happy hour because their delicious cocktails are quite favourable amongst customers. I would describe this restaurant as a contemporary seafood restaurant and bar on 2nd street, with a patio in the front and back.

7. Lotteria : A Mexican Taco Truck ( Not On 2nd Street )

Lottery is located in Long Beach near the Pike Outlets but not directly in Belmont Shores; highly recommended for authentic delicious Mexican food

8. Moon Mountain Coffee

9. Snow Monster - Cute Interior

This unique spot, Snow Monster was actually on an episode of Unique Sweets on the cooking channel. Snow Monster has their own build-your-own giant macaron ice cream sandwiches and they are a must! In my first visit to Snow Monster, I just got the vanilla ice cream and a milk tea.

Not only do they have delicious macarons, refreshing drinks, milk tea and ice cream, they also have various trinkets and small souvenirs items, as well as an array of flowers and dried flower products to check out. Snow Monster is located right on 2nd Street in Belmont Shores.

Another great event to experience in Belmont Shores and Naples Island is its Christmas Light up which is a calm and festive holiday lighting on the water in Belmont Shores Beach in Long Beach, as well as Naples Island in Long Beach is also often called the most beautiful waterfront in Southern California during the Christmas season.


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